Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites for 2018

The bill also defines that betting under the federal law includes daily fantasy sports. Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace. No federal law prohibits betting real money on games of skill. The United States is just one piece of the larger sports betting puzzle. Categories

Legal Gambling Options Available To American Players

Bringing Clarity To The Current Online Gambling Situation In America - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions Which are the safest sports betting sites? Can I bet using my credit card online? When can I place a sports bet online? How does a betting site know where I am? Can I bet with my cell phone? What currencies can I bet with online?

How soon can I cash out my winnings? What types of wagers can I place online? What age do I have to be to legally bet online? Why can I not use some web wallets? Which are the safest sports betting sites? The only betting sites that you should be joining up to are those that hold a full and valid gambling license in the US State that you are currently in.

Whilst you will find many offshore sports betting sites offering you access to their sites and sports betting opportunities you will experience problems depositing money into those accounts and you will have no legal protection if you run into any type of problems.

Offshore based sports betting sites have been known to vanish over night leaving their customers out of pocket. You will be able to use your credit cards at many online sports betting sites in the US, however do be aware that many credit card issuers have blocked any and all transactions made into online sports betting sites and as such there may be a chance your cards will be rejected at some sites.

If you are in a State that permits legal sports betting then you may wish to contact your credit card user to see if that block can be lifted. You are not going to be up against the clock in regards to when you can place a sports bet online, however do be aware that every single sporting event will have a starting time, and unless you are betting via an In Play type of betting market then as soon as the sporting event officially starts you are not going to be able to place anymore bets and wagers on that event.

So always place your bets with plenty of time to spare. Due to the requirement for legal US sports betting sites to only be able to accept and allow sports bettors living in or being in the State boundaries all online sports betting sites use something known as a geo location type of software at their sites, this will check where you are and if you are outside their jurisdiction then you will not be able to access their respective betting sites or you will not be able to sign up or place wagers at that site.

You will be able to place sports bets instantly if you connect up to any legal US sports betting site via the web browser attached to your cell phone, be aware that some sports betting sites now make available to their customers a fully downloadable App and when using that App you can bet instantly whenever you wish to place a wager online using your cell phone or any tablet type device you may own or have access to.

Offshore sports betting sites often enable you to bet in any currency of your own choosing, however when you are betting at a legal US sports betting site you will only be able to deposit funds and then place wagers using US Dollars. Of most noteworthy import is the fact that unlike most other big-time online sportsbooks, SportsBetting actually accepts American Express in addition to the Visa and Mastercard industry standards.

Credit cards are very safe and fast ways to make deposits into your SportsBetting account, though the site also accepts extremely popular cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Additionally, 5Dimes — due to its heavy reliance on offering alternate lines — has lots of odds that some of these other betting sites simply cannot match. With over 1, wagering options every day, 5Dimes has certainly made a name for themselves. In fact, this sportsbook will accept all USA players that are at least 18 years old - 5Dimes doesn't defer to local states' gambling age requirements to determine whether or not a resident of that state is allowed to bet real money on sports at their sportsbook.

In today's online community, it's hard to guarantee the complete safety of anything that you do online. But these online sports betting sites who deal with a ton of money would not be in operation if they were insecure. In fact, they would have no customers at all. The best legal betting sites , who we have mentioned on this site, have a reputation of protecting personal and financial information for their account holders, so that you can feel confident in depositing and withdrawing money from your account.

These online sports betting sites keep your information as private as possible and all steps are taken to prevent it from being revealed to unauthorized users. The short answer is no, but we can further explain. From a legal perspective, there are laws in place that specifically deal with operators of online gaming and betting sites in the United States.

Though we mention numerous legal betting sites and some places that have legalized wagering, there are still some states who ban all online sports betting at their state level. As we told you before about the two federal acts, and some of the laws at the state level, online sports betting is a complex issue. Unless you own and operate an illegal sports betting site, you will not go to jail for betting on sports online. You may also live in a state where sports betting is legal, in which case you certainly have nothing to worry about.

Those legal sports betting sites that we detailed do not operate in the United States, and are outside of the U. Most operate in Panama or Costa Rica close to the U. S and cater to legal sports betting for USA players. If you were to ask everyone you meet, the general consensus would be that Americans need to be at least 18, but it is important to consult and view the rules and regulations of the specific sportsbook that you are looking to bet at.

Also remember to check the local gambling age for your state or area. Even if these legal sports betting sites accept U. A players, you don't want to violate the laws of the gambling age. The same can be said about any legal betting site whether it be a legal online casino or poker room. When it comes to legal sports betting for USA players, sites are aware of the unique banking restrictions that are in place.

That is why there are a variety of ways in which you can deposit into your online sportsbook account. A Credit Card is one way, but there are also other forms of electronic transactions like a wire transfer. Western Union is a good example of a wire transfer. Other ways include the use of e-wallets similar to PayPal , bank wires, sending a check through the mail, or using a prepaid card; it all depends on what is available at the particular legal sports betting site you're interested in using.

Lately, the most popular way of funding online sportsbook accounts has been to use Bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency, like Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, or Bitcoin Cash. Just like depositing, there are a number of ways in which you can withdrawal money from online sportsbook account. Mississippi is also the first state outside of Nevada to have a tribal casino with sports betting offerings. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

The property launched a couple of days ahead of schedule, taking the first bet on Aug. The state finalized regulations in early August and started issuing betting licenses shortly thereafter. The two states are in various stages of crafting regulations and approvals, but will not have anything launched until midway through football season.

The NCAA refused to let the state host championship basketball games. All of the money wagered on the contests must be returned to players. American gangsters found some notable success coercing pro athletes to shave points or fix games so they could profit gambling on them. Now, with PASPA deemed unconstitutional, states can decide whether they want to offer sports wagering.

Additionally, Congress now has the option to draft and pass a law legalizing sports betting at the federal level. Kennedy believed gambling operations run by organized crime groups were so completely intertwined with communications systems that going after their use would cripple the operations. The opinion was meant to clarify whether states could sell lottery tickets on the internet. However, Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey all enacted online gambling legislation based on it.

The decision did clarify the act was a part of the federal ban on sports betting. A number of states have either considered or passed laws seeking to legalize sports betting. The following states introduced sports betting legislation in either or but have not yet passed it into law:. The idea of legal sports betting in New Jersey passed through a public referendum in However, a number of pro and amateur sports leagues fought the law in court.

They successfully struck it down. The state appealed to the Third Circuit Court , and the decision was affirmed. The state passed another sports betting law in and lost again in district court.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that decision as well. The state appealed that decision and lost that appeal too.

The case moved on to the US Supreme Court. A Michigan lawmaker reintroduced a bill to legalize sports betting in Robert Kosowski said he was willing to challenge the federal government ban on sports betting.