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To be blunt, we believe the very fact that they aren't appropriately licensed suggests that having problems with them is more than likely. If you use one of these instant transfer options, your money should be available seconds after you make your initial deposit. Our guides are intended to offer tips and insights only. These are the Top Rated UK Gambling Sites for 2018:

Our Recommendations & Rankings Explained

Why Bet Online?

You face a difficult task in trying to decide which one to use. You're probably familiar with many of the big brands, from their advertisements on TV or from their shops on the high street, but which of these brands is right for you? And what about all the other sites that you haven't even heard of yet? One possibility would be to sign up at a variety of different sites and judge for yourself which ones have the most to offer, but is this really how you want to spend your time?

Or would you prefer to dive right in to a site that you know is one of the best around? We suspect the latter, and that's why we've compiled the above rankings.

We've tested out all the big sites, and many of the smaller ones too. Above all else, we're confident that our recommendations will provide you with the best overall experience. So if you're ready to get started, just pick a site from our list and click on the relevant link.

Of course, you might want to know a little more about these sites first, which is why we've written detailed reviews on these recommendations and several other good quality sites too. That's good, we haven't finished yet and there's some more information on this page that you might be interested in. We explain why we've recommended the sites listed above, along with the details of how we go about ranking them.

Then there's some information on the gambling laws in the UK, and how the online industry is regulated. That's followed by a guide to the various options for offline gambling in the UK. Before we get in to all that, we'd like to tell you about some other recommendations that we've made.

The sites listed on this page are excellent "all-rounders," and they're perfect if you plan on enjoying a range of gambling activities. However, if you plan on focusing on just one form of gambling, then you might want to consider using a specialist site. We picked the best sites that specialize in all the major types of gambling related areas. These are listed for you below.

We mentioned earlier how there are so many UK friendly gambling sites to choose from, and you probably knew this already. What you perhaps didn't know, however, is that some of these should be avoided at all costs.

There are some sites that aren't actually licensed to accept UK customers, but they still do anyway. This means they are operating outside of UK law, and you'll have little to no recourse if any problems occur while you're working with them.

To be blunt, we believe the very fact that they aren't appropriately licensed suggests that having problems with them is more than likely. We don't want you getting ripped off, so the very first step in our process for deciding which sites to recommend is to create a shortlist that includes only the sites that are licensed to offer their services to UK customers. We then do some research into all the sites on that list.

There are lots of things we're looking at during our research, but the following are particularly important. It's our extensive research that allows us to eliminate some options from our shortlist. If we have any doubts about the security of a site, they are immediately taken off. The same rules apply to sites that have poor reputations or a history of treating customers unfairly.

We don't generally eliminate sites just because they don't have enough deposit options, or aren't particularly generous with their bonuses and rewards, but we do mark them down. Our next step is then to test the remaining sites. It's vital that we do this thoroughly, because it's the only way for us to truly understand what sites have to offer and how they perform in certain key areas. The testing is the most time consuming part of the process, but we have to admit that we really enjoy some aspects of it.

We have to actually gamble with real money to test them properly, and we obviously love the possibility of making money through gambling. Once our testing is complete, we then have to compare all of the sites and score them according to how they performed. Those that score the highest get ranked the highest.

There are several factors we take into account when applying these scores, including the following. Please note that the process we've outlined here is effectively an ongoing one, as we're committed to ensuring that our rankings always reflect the best options at any point in time.

We regularly re-evaluate the sites on our list of recommendations to see if they're maintaining their standards, and to see if they're making the necessary improvements to continually earn a place in our rankings. As we've already mentioned, online gambling is legal in the United Kingdom. It's strictly regulated though, by the Gambling Commission.

This commission was established as part of the Gambling Act of , and it's responsible for governing most forms of gambling in the region. Only sites that have been approved and licensed by the commission are legally allowed to offer betting and gaming services to UK residents.

The most recent gambling related legislation passed in the UK was back in This, in turn, is why UK residents have so much choice of where to bet and play on the web. The chances that UK citizens will see these ads on the internet, in print, on television, and even on the radio are very high.

These advertisements tend to make signing up with them seem like a very enticing proposition. They often even throw in an attractive lady or two, just for good measure. We have created the above advertisement for an imaginary casino in order to highlight some of the issues we have with ads like these. For starters, they provide no information to help you make an informed decision about whether this is a good site to join or not.

Good bonuses are a proven way to attract new customers, and this is why ads tend to focus on their sign-up offer. Take the offer we showed above. Although we made it up, it closely represents the real ads out there today. They leave that information out in their ad. Even then, you can only get a real feel for a site by actually using it. This means you need to deposit money at lots of different sites, and then test out everything that they have to offer. You may also like to read the article on how we rate gambling sites.

This will give you some insight into everything that we do before deciding which sites to recommend. Feel free to also take a look our reviews section , where we provide detailed reviews on lots of gambling sites in addition to the ones recommended here. In the United States, for example, the legal and regulatory landscape is incredibly confusing. Most gamblers there have to use offshore sites that are licensed in online gambling jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Curacao.

This organization was set up under the terms of the Gambling Act of , and has responsibilities relating to virtually all forms of gambling in the region. There are some unlicensed sites that will accept UK customers, though, which is yet another reason for being selective in where you join. Best Sites for UK Gamblers in Anyone who resides in the United Kingdom will not have any difficulties finding somewhere to gamble online.

The commission licenses operators and individuals that provide the following. You can read more about the Gambling Commission on our page on UK gambling laws and regulations.